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Hi Kids! Welcome to Education Half Show Nomma Nomma Let's Go! A Quasi Surreal Farce that harkens back to the Glory Days of children's entertainment. We'd like to think Paul Rubens would be proud. (Side note, if you know Paul Rubens send him a link! And if you ARE Paul Rubens...Hi Paul!)

Come play with us as we attempt to learn about a wide variety of subjects that we know nothing about! Who knows? You may actually learn something! Or, completely forget bits you already knew. But hey, who cares as long as your having fun, right?


SPACE Join Clyde and Floyd as they learn about the wonders of Space!! ANIMALS Let's learn about Animals and meet new people!! TRANSPORTATION All aboard for learning about trains and illness!! HISTORY Let's learn some crafts with Clyde and Floyd...and Clyde and Floyd.